It’s a couch, it’s a hammock, it’s crazy relaxing, it’s Windpouch


No item has dominated the outdoor lifestyle industry like the hammock. These perennial favorites are a staple of festivals, campsites, and just about anywhere else that outdoor enthusiasts can be found. With their immense popularity, it’s hard to imagine an improvement on this classic item- I mean, the basic hammock design has been largely unchanged for thousands of years. But after a frustrating afternoon of wandering his favorite park in search of free trees to hang his hammock from, one inventive young man had a crazy idea – a free standing hammock. Thus the Windpouch was born.

Thanks to it’s clever design, Windpouch inflates easily without a pump (see how here), and folds down to fit in a convenient backpack style case. But what we really love is that it can comfortably fit 3 people and support 550 lbs, meaning that just a couple of Windpouches can easily accommodate your whole crew. Also, did we mention that it’s inflatable design is super comfy?

So the big question: Is Windpouch better than a traditional hammock?.  For the sake of comparison, let’s see how it stacks up against an ENO Doublenest.


Windpouch-  Backpack style carrying case makes it super easy to transport, but at nearly 3 lbs (44.8 oz) it’s on the heavier end of the spectrum.

ENO- The Doublenest stuffs down into a compact easy to carry sack, and depending on strap choice can be as light as 23 oz, with straps.

Ease of Use:

Windpouch- It’s easy to inflate, but may take a few uses to get the hang of. Not requiring trees means you can set it up anywhere.

ENO- Straps are fairly easy to use, but will require trees or other mounting points, however with a little planning, it is possible to stack ENOs vertically to accommodate more hammocks.


Windpouch- The generous size, unique two channel design, and 550 lb capacity make it an ideal choice for shared chilling.

ENO- The Doublenest’s size and 400 lb capacity allow it to be shared by two adults who are feeling cuddly.

Overall, while we’re still going to stick with our ENOs for activities where we need to travel a little lighter or if nasty weather means that being off the ground is a good thing, we think the Windpouch is the obvious choice for sharing with friends, lazy days at the beach, or anywhere where tree availability is likely to be an issue. We think it’s a must have for anyone who’s serious about outdoor chilling.