Whether you’re just getting started hiking or trying to take your outdoor skills to the next level, figuring out what gear you really need can be a challenge. Fortunately our team of experts have tried it all. Seriously, you should see our gear closets – they’re preeeetty ridiculous. Below the essentials that will make your next hike or backpacking trip epic. They also make great gifts for your favorite outdoorsperson.

A Lightweight Sleep System

If you’ve ever been caught off guard by cold weather, you know that an efficient sleep system is critical to a good night’s sleep. We love pairing an insulated inflatable pad with a down sleeping bag for a duo that’s lightweight, comfortable, and will hold up to years on the trail.
1- Klymit Static V Insulated Pad – $84.95
2- Klymit KSB 35 Down Sleeping Bag – $199.95

Safety Essentials

Being responsible in the outdoors means not only avoiding dangerous situations, but being prepared if things do go wrong. A compact filter and first aid kit are great item to keep in your pack just in case you or another hiker run into unexpected issues.
3- Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter – $29.99
4- Hart Multiday First Aid Kit – $36.50

A Just Right Pack

If you want to enjoy your time outdoors, a pack that fits properly is vital. We love the 45 liter Stout and Amber packs from Gregory for their great fit and lifetime warranty. If you haven’t been fitted for a pack or could use a refresher course on proper fit, stop by. Our crew will be happy to fit you in a new pack or adjust your current one.
5- Gregory Stout 45 Pack – $159.95

Let There Be Light

A headlamp is an obvious choice for backpacking, but it’s a good idea to keep one on hand for day hikes too. If you run into an unexpected issue or sudden foul weather, you’ll be grateful for a light source.  The Petzl Actic headlamp is a crew favorite because of it’s seriously bright 350 lumen setting.
6- Petzl Actic 350 Headlamp – $49.95

A Lightweight Luxury

We’re in agreement, while you should work to purge your pack of unnecessary items, there’s room for one or two little luxuries that will make the backcountry feel like home. Since a love of the outdoors and appreciation for a good cuppa joe seem to go hand in hand, most of our crew opts for a lightweight filter for pour over.
7- GSI Ultralight Java Drip – $9.95

A Cozy Abode

A good backcountry shelter should be lightweight, easy to set up, and durable. The Kestrel 2 from Peregrine checks all of those boxes.
8- Peregrine Kestrel 2 Person Tent – $299.99

Self Care Must Haves

Your most important hiking equipment is your body, so taking care of it should be a priority. Supportive footwear that fits well will prevent injuries and blisters and make hiking a whole lot more fun. Stop by and our crew will be happy to fit you and answer all of your burning footwear questions. Trekking poles make uphills a lot easier and downhills much more low impact. We think everyone should use them, but if you tend to have joint pain they are essential.
9- Columbia Newton Ridge Plus – $90.00
10- Kelty Range 2.0 Trekking Poles – $59.95
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